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IT User Training
As part of our holistic approach to providing services to our clients, we provide IT Training in areas that would enable them to make productive use their IT Systems.

These trainings are designed for end-users, based on their job roles, who need quick and easy ways to get their jobs done.  They are particularly suited to new employees and existing staff who are struggling to understand newly introduced applications. These on-site trainings include:
  • some Line of Business Applications,
  • popular brands of Case Management Software
  • Microsoft office Suite:
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Publisher
    • Microsoft Office Outlook
Courses are organised in groups and if preferred on one-to-one basis at your premises.

In certain cases, if the users' needs are certification or professional level training, we can make appropriate recommendation and arrange for off-site training in dedicated lab environment.

To find out more details, please contact us.