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Small and Midium Businesses

What is SME

For our purpose, the terms Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), Small to Medium Businesses (SMB), Small Office/Home Office  (SoHo) or Small Business Administration (SBA) are used interchangeably to refer to businesses with between 2 and 499 computer devices under the same business ownership.  This limit is based on Microsoft's recommended limit on its Small Business Server Technologies

Why is Technology important for SME

One of the greatest challenges faced by small businesses is competition. A thriving business is one that operates at lower costs, improved efficiency and is continually innovative, none of which can be achieved without the use of proper technology. Luckily, with the ever-decreasing cost and rapid advancement in business information technology, small businesses can now use technology to gain competitive advance.

However, because of the attendant complexity in achieving reliable, accessible and secure technology, it is important to make the right choice of technology partner to implement effective system. This is why choosing Blossoms Technology, a small business solution provider is a great idea.