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 Windows Server 2008
Computer Networks

Computer Networks used to be the preserves of the big enterprises but thanks to the ever decreasing cost of technology, today, anyone with 2 or more computers can enjoy the same benefits. However, the real benefit is in deploying Server Technologies that offer small businesses a competitive advantage and the opportunities to challenge even larger organisations in the business arena.

Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy by deploying Server based network:

  • reduced cost of equipments through sharing of resources such as hard drives, printers, scanners and other devices

  • centralised storage,  management and security of files and business-critical data

  • empowerment of your remote workers to enable  them work effectively from anywhere - as if they are on their office-desk

  • robust backup and restore of files, data and other important information

  • collaborative working environments among network users and project teams a well as secure access by remote users

At Blossoms Technology, we have accredited professionals with many years for experience in designs, implementation and management of Microsoft Server Technologies for Small to Medium Enterprises.

You can count on us when you need a cost-effective network solutions using the latest hardware and software technologies to drive your business to success.

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