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 Windows Server 2008

In today’s world, there is hardly any business without a competitor! This is particularly a challenge for small businesses that have to contend with the large ones in the arena of business. As a small business, you are unlikely to have all the time, the money or the resources to dominate your market-place. This is why using a professional technology service provider like Blossoms Technology is a great idea for steering your business to success.

At Blossoms Technology, we are committed to providing IT services and solutions that best meet the needs of your business, enabling you to devote your time and resources to your core business. Our main aim is to provide a second to none IT services that will help your business to blossom.

Whether you are a one-person business based in your kitchen or you have hundreds of staff in one or more locations, we can provide you with a high quality and at highly competitive price, services like:

  • I.T. Consultancy - to enable you reap benefits from your IT investments;
  • Network Design and installation - to fully utilise your resources
  • Network Support, Maintenance and Repairs - to keep your system running
  • IT Outsourcing - to take total care of your IT needs,
  • Website Design, Development and Management - to showcase your business
  • End-User Training - to help you build a formidable team.

Read through our site and please don't hesitate to contact us if you think we can be of service to you.