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IT Consultancy
As consultant, we work in partnership with you to improve the structure and efficiency of your organisation's IT system by advising you on how best to deploy your IT investment to meet your business objectives and overcome problems.

With many years of experience in IT management, support and implementations, we are able to:
  • give you independent and objective advice on the use of your IT system
  • project manage the design and implementation of your preferred solutions;
  • advice you on strategic deployment of your existing infrastructure
  • develop agreed solutions and implement new systems;
  • present to you suitable solutions in written or oral reports;
  • purchase or recommend new systems where appropriate;
  • design, test, install and monitor new systems;
  • prepare documentations and present progress reports on ongoing projects;
  • organise training for your new and existing users;
  • help you with change-management activities;
The scope of our activities varies but essentially it is determined by the nature of your business and the agreed level of our involvement. In some cases we may work in collaboration with third party organisations to ensure your goal is achieved.